By: Jonah Ben-Or

Jewels from the crowns of queens most exalted are forgotten against the burning sparkle of your bluegray eyes.

Empires are built when kings fall in love. They shatter in the tectonic shifts of breaking hearts.

November was our spring when you blossomed in my rocky soil, and December was our summer, the days long and filled with light.

Night fell in January when you fled your light and left me in the howling darkness.

Indigo: deep, heavy, and slow, oozes through canyons carved by technicolor rivers that used to flow, emptying their bounty into our ocean.

Forsaken and abandoned, I wander from those indigo canyons into the pale desert and settle there to build anew. But,

Estuaries of you flood my mind forcing my thoughts into ravaged exile. Aimless and alone, I am a forgotten refugee in the State of you.

Reasons have no home where love’s tyranny reigns. Only questions reside there, and torment lost souls imprisoned by a lover’s lost embrace.

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