By: Jonah Ben-Or

I lost so much that night And nearly died When you grabbed that jagged shard From the pile of your shattered heart And with an assassin’s surprise Plunged it deep…

By Jonah Ben-Or

Love leads men to war
Where broken hearts on battlefields soothed
Scorch their pain into the earth
And blast their rage into the night

Deafening shrieks and dying wails To…

by Jonah Ben-Or

Your texts flowed into my lines
And lit me up with electric sensuality

And then they stopped The buzzzz of your current Flowing across the invisible cables that tie me…

By Jonah Ben-Or

Alas summer bid her sudden farewell
Leaving me to fend against the cold dawn of autumn
In hasty retreat she packed
Her ripe morning scent
And wore the thin supple breeze
That so slightly slid down her shimmering brown shoulders
Flowing like a river
Over warm sensual waves

“She’s gone and with her all that I shine upon”
Cried a heartbroken sun from the vacuum of his despair
And he fled his early light
Depriving me of my running companion

I am alone now
When I cross the precipice into silent morning
No longer kept joyous company by light’s dancing rays
But paced in the thick darkness
By the swarming Jinn of truth

By: Jonah Ben-Or

When you don’t answer
I imagine
You opening to his knock upon your door
Your smile and sparkle
And the glimmer in your eyes
Give away your longing fulfilled

When you don’t answer
I imagine
You writhe in his arms in nostalgic delight
Remembering how good he was to you
And how much you missed him
In you

And when he’s finished
and you’re done
and it’s over
You smile
And stretch
And feel whole
And he leaves

And then you answer

By: Jonah Ben-Or

Jewels from the crowns of queens most exalted are forgotten against the burning sparkle of your bluegray eyes.

Empires are built when kings fall in love. They shatter in the tectonic shifts of breaking hearts.

November was our spring when you blossomed in my rocky soil, and December was our summer, the days long and filled with light.

Night fell in January when you fled your light and left me in the howling darkness.

Indigo: deep, heavy, and slow, oozes through canyons carved by technicolor rivers that used to flow, emptying their bounty into our ocean.


Jonah Ben-Or

Father. Founder. Fighter. “Jonah Ben-Or” is my pen name.

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